Image of Lubrifiant Purple Extreme synthétique - 120ml, n/a

Lubrifiant Purple Extreme synthétique - 120ml, n/a

Purple Extreme Synthetic LubricantPurple Extreme is an advanced, high performance, synthetic bike chain lubricant. It provides excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading. Engineered to work in a range of extreme conditions, such as cold, wet or acidic environments. Purple Extreme's additive technology forms a slippery, super-tough, synthetic film on metal surfaces that protects drivetrain parts far beyond the ability of conventional oils or waxes.Features: High Mileage: Experience 400+ miles of road riding between applications Runs Clean: Doesn't Attract Dirt Tough: Will not wash off in rain, mud or snow Smooth Running: Reduces drivetrain noise Does Not Harden in Cold Conditions Ultra-high film strength Does not shed or fling off Penetrates quickly to all parts of the chain Helps prevent corrosionBuy Purple Extreme Workshop from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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